Shopping For the Most Fuel Efficient Used Cars

Shopping For the Most Fuel Efficient Used Cars

Are you interested in finding used cars for sale in the Greenwood, Nova Scotia area? If fuel efficiency is a priority for you, you can’t do much better than a Toyota Prius. Year after year, the Toyota Prius has proven its value to customers and critics alike. At Greenwood Auto Sales, we have seen a variety of used Toyota Prius models come through our lot. Stylish hatchback models like the Prius Two and the Premium models are popular buys for good reasons. At Greenwood Auto Sales, we’re happy to carry different Toyota Prius models to suit your budget, saving you both money in upfront purchasing price, along with a lower cost of fuel over time. Here are some reasons why we love offering the Prius to our used car customers.


The Best Selling Hybrid in the World

The Toyota Prius is synonymous with the word hybrid. It’s become so ingrained in our collective minds as the go-to vehicle for fuel efficiency. Few other cars can even begin to compare. Even drivers with a “lead foot” on the gas pedal can’t help but get great fuel economy with the Prius, due to its smart drivetrain programming. The Prius saves gas by employing a variety of clever tricks, including running in pure electric mode at low speeds (such as in parking lots). When you need a quick jolt of acceleration power, the Prius offers a “power button” which provides an extra sense of urgency to get-up-and-go.


Toyota Prius Hatchbacks That We Love

The five-door hatchback has a special place in our hearts at Greenwood Auto Sales. A used Toyota Prius hatchback will give you excellent fuel economy, along with a sporty, aerodynamic design with lots of roomy cargo space. The rear roof bump gives passengers a little extra head room, making it that much more comfortable for five people on longer drives.


Although likely to sell out fast if we get one in stock, some of the features we like best about a used 2016 Prius Two hatchback, for example, include a back-up camera, automatic braking system, cruise control with steering wheel controls, and a 60-40 folding bench front facing fold forward seatback rear seat. Of course, the best part of any Prius is the fuel economy. This 2016 model offers a combined 52 miles per gallon.


Another remarkable Prius we recently had on our lot was a 2017 Prius Premium hatchback. A complimentary, three-month Sirius XM radio trial, speed compensated volume control, hands-free phone capability, and heated front bucket seats made this high-end beauty a prized Prius to find with the benefit of “used” pricing. Great safety features that came with this model included electronic stability control, lane departure alert with steering assist lane keep assist, pre-collision system, and driveline traction control side impact beams. We expect to see more of these great Prius years and models at our dealership frequently.


A silver 2017 Toyota Prius Premium, popular among used cars for sale, is in front of mountains.


It’s Easy to Find Smart Features in a Used Prius

Standard features you can expect to find in a Toyota Prius from 2015 include a height adjustable driver’s seat, tilt/telescoping steering wheel, auto up/down on all windows, push button start, and two 12-volt power outlets. A 6.1-inch touch-screen audio display and Bluetooth are included. In addition, a Touch Tracer display indicates which wheel-mounted control pad is being used on the center display. Individual controls light up red as you touch them.


Automatic climate control is also a standard feature on base Prius models from 2015. Look out for the Solar Roof Package on some used models. This practical feature improves comfort by using a roof panel to power up a fan and cool off the interior on a hot day. For drivers in Nova Scotia, this thoughtful feature certainly won’t go unappreciated!


Get the Best Value at Greenwood Auto Sales

With a reputation that speaks for itself, the Toyota Prius offers excellent value to its owners. When it comes time to trade it in for an upgrade, you can expect a solid resale value as well. Here at Greenwood Auto Sales, we are happy to help you find the most fuel-efficient used cars available, for a price that you can afford. Our finance department offers guaranteed credit approval, no matter your background.